Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

      ASIC, Australian Securities and Investments, is Australia’s financial regulation agency. ASIC regulates its registered companies, financial markets and financial services and credit services providers. ASIC aims to promote fair and efficient financial markets characterized by honesty and transparency, and to promote safe and informed participation of investors and financial consumers.    

     ASIC grants financial licenses and monitors businesses that provide financial services to make sure them to operate efficiently, honestly and fairly through the Australian financial services licensing system. Since July 2012, these businesses have been providing services related to financial products, including regulated emission units. ASIC also maintains a record of authorized representatives of Australian financial service licenses and Australian financial service licenses.

      ASIC is also responsible for supervising financial market operators and financial market participants.

      In accordance with the financial services laws, ASIC has the facilitating, regulatory and implementing powers as follows:

  • To establish rules to ensure the integrity of financial markets.
  • Investigate suspected violations.
  • To issue notices of infringement in case of alleged violations of certain laws
  • Prohibit unlicensed people from engaging in credit activities or providing financial services.
  • To initiate civil prosecution and prosecution in courts.

      ASIC is also a market regulator and ensures that financial markets are fair and transparent. Advises the relevant minister when evaluating new markets for authorization. As a financial services regulator, it also licenses and monitors people providing financial services.

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