International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) is the government agency in Belize responsible for financial regulation. It is responsible for regulating the creation and implementation of all financial market participants, exchanges and financial regulations. Numerous international online forex brokerage firms obtain their international licenses from IFSC.

IFSC was established in 1999 in Belize. The aim of the Commission is to supervise and control all international firms to link their international financial service requirements to their activities. IFSC operates by the Law of the Ministry of Securities of Belize and the International Financial Services Commission. IFSC is working on a specific code of conduct that aims to increase the level of service provided by the licensed company under the International Financial Services Commission.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To promote, protect and develop Belize as an international financial services center and to regulate the provision of international financial services.
  • To supervise and control licensed Investment Services Companies, Collective Investment Programs, investment consultants and mutual fund management companies.
  • To issue operating licenses for investment firms,  investment consultants, brokers.
  • To apply administrative sanctions and disciplinary penalties to brokers,  investment consultants and individuals.
Belize offers a complete menu of investment tools designed to meet the needs of complex investors around the world. As the range of services expands, Belize has become a more convenient place to do business.
The Commission is based on autonomous regulation, that means, the government sets general standards, most of the actual work on monitoring and compliance by the industry itself is done by the commission itself.

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